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    The best makeup tips are those that provide the busy woman with quick ways of getting the best look they can get!  It doesn’t matter if you want a natural look or a dramatic evening look — applying makeup tips are the best way to get the advice you need quickly in order to achieve the look you want.  This mini-guide dealing with applying makeup tips should help you find easier, faster and more effective ways to apply your makeup and achieve the look you want.


    If your skin is sensitive, please look for cosmetics that are hypoallergenic and read the label to make sure the ingredients are all natural before buying.  This will save you from a breakout or skin irritation that will interfere with your daily routine or special occasion.


    Here are some easy makeup tips that every woman can use :


    Everyday Bright Eyes:  Your eyes can still look natural with makeup on them.  The idea is to keep it simple and enhance your eyes.  The use of a light cream colored eye shadow on the brow bone will bring out the brow bone.  On the lids, you will want to use a light beige color.  This combination will give you a natural look and brighten your eyes.  Use one coat of mascara and lightly line your eyes with black or brown eyeliner.  This should take only a minute or two.

    Nicely Sculpted Cheek Bones:  You can have the look of higher cheek bones like the celebs by using a brown bronzer in a compact — even eye makeup will work in a pinch.  You will want to use either a blush brush or for more control of where it goes use a wedge sponge.  Apply the bronzer just under the cheek bones before applying your blush.  Make sure to blend, blend and blend.

    Foundation Tips:  When applying foundation try to always use a clean sponge.  This will help keep breakouts to a minimum.  Keep the application light all over the face to keep a natural look.  If you have blemishes or spots you want to cover use a cover stick prior to the foundation and after if more coverage is needed.

    If you need more applying makeup tips, you can find them online.  You can find out the best ways to diminish a double chin, give your face a slimmer look, have more intense eyes, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, makeup for special events and evening and even diminish your freckles.  These kinds of applying makeup tips can be found on the Internet as well as in books and brochures.